Compact, One Plug For All

With the day to day lives moving at a faster pace, your mobile devices need to be able to charge up quickly to keep up with your pace.

Not all phones use the same type of fast charging and not all chargers support the various standards, this is where our new range of XTRA CHARGE Wall Plugs come in, allowing you to power up your phone within minutes with a compact design.

The New line up being focused on fast charging all mobile devices is available in two variations:

1. Single port 5 Amps fast charging wall plug that supports all current charging standards like AFC, QC, Turbocharge, Dash/Warp, Vooc/SuperVooc, Etc

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2. Dual-port 18Watt PD fast charging wall plug that allows Apple users to fast charge their phone from 0-50% Charge in 30 Mins (iPhone 8 and above). Although, the users do need a LIGHTNING to TYPE-C CABLE for PD Fast Charge. Also, this has 2nd port with 5 Amps which allows you to use this plug for fast charging all compatible phones (if the phone has inbuilt fast charging)

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Both of the variants and compact, lightweight and portable making it possible for you to stay juiced up on the go.



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